Cara Mendeskripsikan Seseorang Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Cara Mendeskripsikan Seseorang Dalam Bahasa Inggris
Cara Mendeskripsikan Seseorang Dalam Bahasa Inggris

cara mendeskripsikan diri dalam bahasa inggris

1. cara mendeskripsikan diri dalam bahasa inggris

bisa dari sifat dan bentuk tubuh
fira is long hair
anton is tall
sinta is pretty girli have got long/short hair 
i am tall/short 
i have pointed/ flatted nose 
i have small or big mouth 
i have big or small eyes 
i am pretty or ugly 

2. bagaimana cara mendeskripsikan rumah sendiri dalam bahasa inggris?


House is one of the most important place in our life. Because that place is the place where we can relax, sleep, or just stay in there. In the house, there must be some rooms, such as bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, living room, family room, and others. For a big family, mostly their houses have more than a bedrooms, at least they have two bedrooms. Bedrooms, is the place where we can sleep in there. Living room, the place we can relax, or for guest place. Family room is the place for the people could relax or enjoy the day with family. In bathrooms, we can take a bath in there. Kitchen, the place to cook something. So, the house is the place where we and our family could relax or enjoy our day together.(Pertama Beri judul)
My Beautiful House
(Berikan gambaran tentang rumah tersebut)
My house is so big. Its on jalan kartini.
(Berikan kenampakan fisik rumah tersebut)
It has two floor. Living room, familiy room, kitchen, garage, my parent bed room’s, and bath room is on the first room. On the second room there is my bed room and bath room. It has a spacoius garden with long charis and tables. I usually play on there with my brother. Its so fun. I love my house.  

3. bagaimana cara mendeskripsikan wajah dalam Bahasa inggris ?

For example:
I have round
face with chubby cheeks, black round eyes, white skin and thick lipshonestly, i have round face with flat nose and narrow eyes. my lips are thick and i have bad smile because i lost my tooth two years ago. i have slim cheeks and long chin.

4. bagaimana cara mendeskripsikan pohon dalam bahasa inggris

u can describe the appearance of the tree,colour of leaves,or the texture
yang dideskripsikan physical appereance sama sifatnya. misalkan warna pohon, daunnya warna apa. agar bisa tumbuh melakukan apa dan membutuhakan apa. gitu kira-kira semoga membantu^_^

5. cara mendeskripsikan dek dalam bahasa inggris

sorry i dot know what this answer

6. cara mendeskripsikan sawah dengan bahasa Inggris​


Rice fields or paddy fields are land that is tilled and irrigated for planting rice. For this purpose, paddy fields must be able to support standing water because rice requires inundation at certain periods of growth. To irrigate paddy fields, irrigation systems from springs, rivers or rainwater are used.

Lowland Rice.

Rice Fields Are Land That Is Tilled And Irrigated For Planting Rice.

7. Bagaimana cara mendeskripsikan tentang keluarga dalam bahasa Inggris.??


family is hyper Grace and love for someone

8. cara mendeskripsikan diri sendiri menggunakan bahasa inggris ????  

My name is Avis
I am 13 years old.
I have black and long hair. I have brown eyes. I have 2 brother. My older brother name is … and the younger one name is …

My hobby is reading novel. My Favorite novel is Harry Potter. My another hobby is playing online games. My favorite online game is PangYa. PangYa is International golf game. If you have PangYa account, add me as your friend. My Account name is …

My school name is SMPN 2 …
My favorite subject is Art.

^^my name
sekolah di
punya berapa bersaudara

9. deskripsi binatang dalam bahasa inggris. bagaimana caranya ??


Suppose we would describe a cat

Cats include mammals.
And breed with childbirth.
Cats can usually give birth to 3-4 children. Cat
Have a mammary gland.
And Having a pair of sharp eyes.
Has a variety of fur colors (white-brown, black, white, gray and others).
Her legs are made up of a pair of front legs and a pair of hind legs and are equipped with sharp claws.
In addition, the cat also has sharp canines.
And a long tail. But there are also some cats that have short tails.
The cat has a pointy ear pair with sharp hearing and a pinkish nose and a blackish brown.

Misalkan kita menggambarkan seekor kucing

Kucing termasuk mamalia.
Dan berkembang biak dengan melahirkan.
Kucing biasanya bisa melahirkan 3-4 anak. Kucing
Miliki kelenjar susu.
Dan memiliki sepasang mata tajam.
Memiliki berbagai warna bulu (putih coklat, hitam, putih, abu-abu dan lainnya).
Kakinya terdiri dari sepasang kaki depan dan sepasang kaki belakang dan dilengkapi dengan cakar yang tajam.
Selain itu, kucing juga memiliki gigi taring yang tajam.
Dan ekor panjang. Tapi ada juga beberapa kucing yang memiliki ekor pendek.
Kucing itu memiliki sepasang telinga runcing dengan pendengaran tajam dan hidung merah muda dan coklat kehitam-hitaman.


10. cara mendeskripsikan ayah dalam bahasa inggris

my father is the best in the world no one can swithc my father

11. bagaimana cara mendeskripsikan bola dalam bahasa inggris ?

bola berbentuk linkaran= ball has a circle shape
bola mempunyai banyak jenis dan warna=ball has a lot of different type and colourball is a unique thing, it has circle shape,ball fill by air, there are many kind of balls,there are football,basket ball,volley ball,etc.

12. cara mendeskripsikan barang dalam bahasa inggris

Sometimes you may be asked to describe something, what it looks like, and it’s function or purpose or what it isneeded for. For example, you may to talking to a person not up on the latest technological devises or telling someone about the newest time saving kitchen gadget.

When you are describing objects you use adjectives, (words that describe nouns) such as the size, color, shape, material made from, thickness, texture, etc. Look at the expressions below that can be used when asking for descriptions of things.

What’s a pen?
It’s something we use to write with.

What’s a balloon?
It’s a brightly coloured rubber bag that gets bigger when filled with air or gas. It is used as party decorations.

What’s a spoon?
It’s the thing we use to stir your coffee. / It’s the thing we use to eat soup with.

What’s a telescope?
It’s the tube shaped object we use to see the stars or things that are far away.

What’s a lawn-mover?
It’s the thing we use to cut grass.

What’s a giraffe?
It’s an African animal that has a very long neck.

13. Cara mendeskripsikan YouTuber dalam bahasa Inggris


Youtuber is a person who make videos and upload it in Youtube. They can be one person or more. They make video frequently.

14. cara mendeskripsikan orang dengan bahasa inggris

She is have a ideal body, clever, and beautiful hair.

15. Cara mendeskripsikan diri atau email dalam bahasa inggris

hello, my name is Rudi.i was born in 1945. my hobby is playing footbal

16. cara mendeskripsikan kucing dalam bahasa inggris

I have cat
his color black and white
he love to get some hug and sweet tea
he like to eat fish
he have green eyes
I love my cat ever

kucing KU mati

cedihhhI have Cat
 maaf jika salah
hanya tau segini 🙂

17. Cara Mendeskripsikan idola saya dalam bahasa inggris

caranya kamu haruscari gambarnya. selanjutnya kamu diskripsikan fisiknya. wajahnya saja tdk masalah. seperti rambutnya kriting atau lurus, matanya sipit atau lebar, kulitnya hitap atau putih dstcontoh:rafi ahmad

He is a boy.he has straight hair,round eyes,pointed nose,thin lips,and cheerful personality.

maaf kalo salah

18. Cara mendeskripsikan cangkul dalam bahasa inggris

Hoes is one type of traditional tools used in agriculture. Hoe used for digging or
for leveling the ground. Hoe was used so that the future work to run a light digging in the garden or in the fields. The work is usually done using a heavier weight wheel.

Hoe eye shape as if the shape of the eye with a pickaxe holder (upstream) is done rather than wood. But hoe eyes wider compared with pickaxe eyes. These holders are usually upstream or straight, but there are also types of holders are bent slightly. Eyes are usually made ​​rather than an iron hoe.

The types of hoes have included the correct hoe (hoe straight) and hoe birds.

19. Cara mendeskripsikan Gamer Dalam Bahasa Inggris




ambyar aja deh


20. cara mendeskripsikan idola dalam bahasa Inggris​




tulis tulis tulis tulis tulis

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